Dr. Lonnie Rex 

Dr. Rex has served on the board of Universities, has been involved in worldwide peace talks. He has received numerous awards from  Governors, Presidents, Heads of State as well as being Knighted 1993. Recipient Merit award Korea, Moran Medal Republic of Korea, Humanitarian award Senator Hugh Scott US Senate 1983,  Service to Mankind award International. Congress, Spain 1987, International Lions Club award, UN award, Medal General. Ground USSR 1990. World Humanitarian Leadership award by Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Dr. Rex is also on the board of many organizations. Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association, Global Aid Partnerships John Greiner, Moms Against Hunger Dr. Galya Holley President, Voice 2 The Nations Rev. L.T. Lamb President, Kings Kids International  Rebecca and Mike White Directors,  American Culture and Museum World Wide Compassion International Shean Quental Executive Director.
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The Strength To Cry
One particular experience that has driven Dr. Rex , for the rest of his life was in Ethiopia Damian camp. The Red Cross worker said I want you to see this special tent. He opened the tent flap. All Lonnie saw was 90 bodies wrapped in sharers on straw  mats. There were three long rows. Lonnie thought it was a morgue. It was  deathly silent. The Red Cross worker spoke to one of the bodies. The body moved pulling her clothing back to show a new born baby. He spoke to another again a  new born baby. Lonnie was stund as he had thought all  90 bodies were corps.There were over a million tents on the grounds. These 90 women 
had had babies in the last few days. Again Lonnie was stunnd. Lonnie said to the worker," I just had a new grandson born before I left the United States. When I arrived at the nursury there were 10 or 12 babies there that had just been born. It was very noise as many were screaming and crying". The worker looked him straight in the eyes and said,"Dr.Rex, these babies do not have the strength to cry."

It has been my passion  to raise money to feed those who do not have the strength to cry. That is what drives me day and night.
Dr. Lonnie Rex